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Watch to the presentation of Barbara Marx Hubbard "Theater of a New Story for Humanity", on the opening of BIRTH 2012 World Event Oficial Recording

(click the image above).


"3 Days of the Birth of a New Conscious Humanity"

at Pax Center, São Paulo, Brazil

On chart:

4 Spiritual deiteis who guide our work at PAX Spiritual center, in São Paulo, Brazil:
 - up left: Pena Branca (White Feather - Indian guide)
 - up right: Master Saint Germain (from the White Brotherhood , responsible for the next 2.000 years on Mother Earth);
 - low left:
Iemanjá (Lady of the Waters  and Oceans in Brasil);
 - low right: Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Black Madona Who protects Brazil).

We will honor them in our Celebrations.

Oficial Trailer for

Birth 2012 World Event

by The Shift Network

Birth 2012 Brazil Event Organized by:

Pax Universal

Coordinated by Carmen Balhestero
Av. Braz Leme, 1373 - Santana - SP
Tels: (11) 2236-2726 / 2236-0244
www.pax.org.br / E-mail: pax@pax.org.br

Ponte do Arco-Íris

Coordinated by Maria Auxiliadora G. Freitas
Rua Natingui, 154 - Vila Madalena - SP
Tel: (11) 3628-6828

Connected with the Birth 2012 World Event
Touching 100 million people with Love, Light, Peace and Abundance
Hosted by
Stephen Dinan
Barbara Marx Hubbard

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