Miss Büllent Çorak, author of the Book of Knowledge, Turkey
with a Peace Pole in her hands,
Hideo Nakazawa, messenger of the Peace Pole and councilor of Goi Peace Foundation, Tokyo, Japan,
Carmen Balhestero, founder of Pax Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil,
at IstambulTurkey November 2012

Carmen Balhestero interviews Barbara Marx Hubbard at Conscious Life Expo L.A California Feb2012 

Welcome to Birth 2012 Brazil !

December, 20, 21, 22 / 2012
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 10am to 6pm (Brazilia time)

Free event at Pax Center:
Avenida Braz Leme, 1373,

São Paulo, Brazil

It´s our intention to share the wonderful energy created worldwide during these days and perpetuate this momentum.
This event it´s produced by the Shift Network - Stephen Dinan and Barbara Marx Hubbard.
On this website, you will find videos of our main event in São Paulo, broadcasted live through TV Pax (www.tvpax.com.br  or  http://dopranaaluz.blogspot.com)
With the participation of musicians, speakers and spiritual leaders, at Pax Center, in São Paulo, Brazil, and pre-recorded messages from Peace activists in Japan, Pakistan, Holland, Dubai, Australia, Israel, New York, Arizona, California, Native American Indians, and much more.
You will also find a link with events synchronized with Pax in different states of Brazil.

This is the beginning of a New Era of Peace and Unity.
Welcome aboard, let´s live and share this new consciousness. Let´s act making different choices each day.
Gratitude to Barbara and Stephen for creating this huge opportunity of planetary change.
Thank you for feeling the call and for being part of this momentum!
Peace, Love and Light,

I am Carmen Balhestero

Stephen Dinan

Barbara Marx Hubbard

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